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Most Unique Cafés in India.

Café seem to be a millennial go-to place in this day and age. With café culture blooming in India, there are many uniquely-themed cafes, conceptual spaces with alluring ambiance making them an ideal spot for every juncture. The occasions may vary from just a hangout with friends or a date to a place to work from or just spend some alone time.

India has some of the most amazing unique cafes spread across different states and cities offering local & unique experiences. Some offer the most amazing variety in food, some have enthralling views, some offer great hospitality and some are a perfect combination of all.

Let's take a look at some of the most unique, innovative and amazing cafes curated from all across India:

Kunzum Travel Cafe, Delhi:

Kunzum is a sanctum for all the travel enthusiasts. The café hosts many freelancers and creative experts who are looking for a quiet workspace, artistic inspiration or simply meet & greet of like-minded people who share their travel encounters. The café also organizes events like poetry readings, live music and art workshops regularly. Unique feature of this place is that it has limited items on the menu and works on a pay-as-you-wish model. Kunzum was the brainchild of Ajay Jain.

Sheroes Hangout Cafe, Agra:

The café is right across the UNESCO world heritage site. A great place to hang-out and a notable place to take inspiration from. As these women working at Sheroes are superwoman hostesses who have had dreadful experiences of acid attacks. They are the Sheroes of their stories and people visiting the café can talk to them to know stories of the survivors. The cafe runs on a pay-as-you-wish concept and offers free Wi-Fi. It has been drawing patrons from all parts of the world including celebrities who are moved by the resilient spirit of its staff and their heartbreaking stories.

Mauji Time Café, Pune:

It's a time café in the heart of the city, amidst lush green surroundings and sometimes you can even spot peacocks. Mauji is a space of a thought-provoking and expressive nature. Every corner of it speaks of a certain emotion. The cafe will surround you with a non-restrictive aura with a laid back yet uplifting vibe. You can spend the day working, reading, nibbling, or chatting over frothy cappuccinos. It will almost feel like an extension of your own house, just a more imaginative one. A place where one can work, play, socialize or even disassociate for a while. It will accept you as you are- a beautifully incomplete home to a soul. Mauji provides you a space to work, with Wi-Fi and without interruptions. Bibliophiles can find a bunch of impeccable books to dive deep in, while enjoying the cozy space. A self-service space where you pay only for the amount of time you spend there.

The Yoga House, Mumbai:

It was built around the idea of macrobiotic café by three yoga enthusiasts, Maud Chuffart, Lamya Arsiwala, and Achal Mehra with an aim of providing its members a better understanding of their body and mind. It is the right place to be if you're a fitness freak and a health conscious, longing to keep body, mind & soul at peace, all at once.

TherPup Dog Cafe, Bengaluru:

As the name suggests it is a dog friendly cafe and home to dogs, up for adoption. The silicon city's first dog café that hosts man and man's best friend. A fun and frolic time cuddling with the in-house canines, or enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch with furry cute little pets. You're even encouraged to take the puppies’ home if you wish to. The café's menu is encapsulated with human food and dog specialized-food. Special focus on pet-menu keeping all the nutritional requirements in check, including chicken mutt-balls, healthy doggie platter and Melon Pup-slices.

Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad:

This noble cafe deserves special mention as it is one of the best concept cafes in the country. It runs on an experiment based idea of 'peer to peer' generosity. Here every visitor pays for the meal of the next visitor. Travelers volunteer at Seva café as Sevaks and prepare meals for the customers. These sort of initiatives remind us that humanity still exists.

Saraya, Goa:

It is a unique combination of art café cum eco stay is an ecologically sustainable setup which provides organic produces straight from their own farms. The organic preparation of meals drags people from all around places. This café cannot be classified just as an eating joint; Saraya is a cultural space with a vibrant art gallery and space for live music. It is considered to be a wellness treat for yoga and meditation lovers, amidst lush green trees and paddy fields. The holistic vibe and view is pretty easy on eyes.

Ciclo Cafe, Gurugram:

Ciclo is considered to be the best theme café in India. The soul of the café revolves around cycles which are creativity put together. The ambience is completely set up with cycle parts and this theme cafe is one of a kind. Ciclo will surprise you with its amazing menu of Italian and American grabs. Visitors can get a free wash of their cycles as they head inside.

Igloo Cafe, Gulmarg:

The biggest and largest igloo café in India is one of a kind. Gulmarg, Kashmir will make its entry into the Limca Book of Records for having the largest Igloo café in Asia. The complete structure is made of snow and can accommodate 16 visitors at a time. We can see some artistic wonders on the walls with various patterns, while the doorway is arched. The magnificent igloo was built in 25 days and ever since has become a must visit for all the tourists in winters.


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