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MAMBO - Mauji Ambassador Program

👋 Hey there, Legends! 🌟


Calling all adventure-seeking, coffee-loving, network-expanding students in Pune to join MAMBO - Mauji Ambassador Program! 🎉


Listen up! Mauji is on the hunt for Student Ambassadors from colleges across Pune, and we want YOU to join our super cool crew. 💪Are you ready to make a real impact on campus? We're looking for enthusiastic individuals like you to join our Student Ambassador program - MAMBO. As a Mambo, you'll have the opportunity to be the voice and face of Mauji, connecting with fellow students, and creating memorable experiences. 🙌


Picture this: You'll be sipping on delicious coffee, having a blast, and making some extra pocket money (up to 15K), all while building an incredible network and expanding your horizons. How amazing does that sound? 😎☕


So, if you or someone you know is craving an adventure, eager to learn, and ready to rock as a Student Ambassador, look no further! Just give us a ring at 8010632001, or shoot us a WhatsApp message, and we'll get back to you in a jiffy. 📞💬


At Mauji, we believe in the power of fun, growth, and caffeinated joy. Join our team and let's make unforgettable memories together! 🎉

At Mauji Time Cafe, we strive to create a space where time is slow and conversations are meaningful. Our cozy cafe is a place to connect with others over coffee, tea, and conversation. 

We are passionate about creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and comfort where people can come to relax, laugh, and enjoy the company of friends and family. We offer a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and desserts, as well as great music and cozy seating. Come by and let us show you why Mauji Time Cafe is the best place to slow down and savor life.

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