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Everything about Mauji!

1. What's a Time Café?

Emerged in Russia, a Time Café (sometimes called a pay-per-minute café or a time club) is a venue that offers lounge space, workspace, food, and beverages, where customers pay for the amount of time they spend there. 

2. How do I start (& end) my experience at Mauji? 

  • Just walk in at Mauji Café > Scan the QR Code > Go the Browser > Fill in your Ph. No., OTP, and the other details > Sign-in into the Mauji Portal. (Keep the Web Page accessible until you Check-out). Mauji Team will check you in.

  • Find a spot for yourself, get the wifi credentials from the Mauji Team, and kick start your experience with us.

  • Hungry?? Walk up to the Kitchen to place your orders (pssss... we are a self-service space!!) and the Chef will let you know once the order is ready.

  • All your orders will be visible in your account in the Portal.

  • Once you are done with the usage Go back to the Portal > Hit on the "Check-out" Button > Share your feedback on Google > Reach out to the Mauji Team.

  • You will see your usage and the bill in the Portal after your Checkout. The Mauji Team will assist you there.

  • You can pay through GPay/Paytm/PhonePe/Card. We prefer cashless transactions.

3. Do I need to Sign-in every time I am at Mauji?

No, Sign-in is a One time Process. Whenever you come in next, just scan the QR Code > Add the phone number & OTP  > You will be in the Mauji Portal > Click on "Check-in".


Go to URL:, insert your phone number as the username > Ask the Mauji Team for the password > You will be in the Mauji Portal > Click on "Check-in".


4. How safe am I at Mauji amid Covid times?

At Mauji, we follow all the required safety and hygiene norms. You'll be in a socially distanced, safe environment.


5. What all services do I get in the Time Café Model?

The services that are free of cost/complimentary/included in the Time Café Model are 

Free DIY Station | Lounge Space | WiFi Access | Unlimited Beverages*. Food is charged additionally.


6. What is a DIY Station?

A DIY - "Do.It.Yourself" Station is a Self-Service area apart from the Kitchen, wherein you get access to cookies/munchies/snacks/fruits/beverages - Free of Cost.


7. Can I Bring My Own Food?

Yes, you can bring your own food or order from Zomato/Swiggy. However, the only rule is that you can have your tiffin/outside food in designated areas, on the premises. We are the first BYO cafe in India


8. I only want to have a Cup of Coffee and/or a Sandwich. How does it work?

You can definitely be here just for a cup of coffee or to munch on something, however, you will still be required to sign-in/check-in. Since we work on the Pay-by-the-Hour concept, our billing is as per the time you spend with us. 


9. What if I am here only for less than an hour?

You can spend as much time with us as you would like, however, you will still be required to Sign-in. Our minimum billing is for One Hour @ INR 150/ person. 

Since we work on the Pay-by-the-Hour concept, our billing is as per the time you spend with us.

10. Can I bring my Guests or hang out with my Friends? How would the billing work?

Yes, you can bring in your Guests or come with your Friends. We can club all the users under one name and raise one single bill if the in-time/out-time is the same for all. If there is a change in everyone's timings, we'll require you all to sign in individually. The Mauji Team will be there to assist you with the process. 

In case you are already registered with us and you revisit Mauji on a later date, along with a guest/friend, we will request your guest/friend to sign in.

(ps. do ask for Group Discounts @ Checkout in case you are getting your Gang along!!)


11. Is there a Parking facility?

For 2-wheelers, the parking is right outside the Time Café. For 4 Wheelers, there is an open space in the parallel lane and there is parallel parking permitted down Mauji Lane. For ease of understanding, we have placed the Sign Boards.


12. Why do I need to remove my shoes? What is the alternative?

It’s purely to maintain the hygiene and sanctity of the place. Considering the size of the Time Café, it's difficult to maintain the cleanliness with people walking in and out of the premises in their footwear. Plus, we wish to give a homely touch to the entire setup. We have an extra pair of slippers outside the washrooms. In case you are a frequent user at Mauji, you can have dedicated in-house chappals.


13. What can I do at Mauji?

Well, at Mauji, be a Mauji with us and do anything you wish to:

Read | Chill | Come with Friends | Come for a Meeting | Sleep | Work | Brainstorm | Repeat


14. Is wifi included in the packages?

Yes, Wifi services are a part of all the plans. Please ask the Mauji Team for the credentials once you are at the space.


15. Do I get any benefits from being a Frequent User at Mauji?

 Yes, you can avail the following benefits with us:

1. Take up Bulk hours @ INR 110/- per hour per person, with min buy of 30 hours

Do ask about the latest offers!!

These are prepaid models, with a Validity of One Month each. For more details contact us on +91 80106 32001 or


16. What is a Member Space?

A Member Space refers to a dedicated area for longer usage at Mauji.


17. What are the other services apart from Time Café and Member Space?

Mauji has a total of 8 elements. Apart from the Time Café and Member Space, we also offer - Studio Space | Maker Space | Discussion Room | Event/Workshop Space | Private Gathering Space | The Dukan by Kalapentry. (Pre-booking required).

T&C apply* 

For more details contact us on +91 80106 32001 or


18. Is Tax applicable?

Yes, there is an 18% GST on the space services and a 5% GST on food & beverages.


19. What are the Mauji timings?

We operate Monday to Sunday

Space Timings: 8 am to 10 pm (the Cafe is functional till 8 pm on Monday)

Kitchen Timings: 9:30 am to 8 pm (We serve only beverages on Monday)

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