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People who thought, believed, dreamed and dared to create Mauji!

Mauji wouldn't be what it is today without the incredible individuals who thought, believed, dreamed, and dared to create it. These visionary minds came together, fueled by passion and a shared vision, to bring Mauji to life.

The unwavering determination, creative thinking, and tireless efforts of the team have shaped Mauji into a unique and inspiring space that celebrates the human spirit. We all saw the potential for a place where people could truly be themselves, where connections are made, and where ideas are nurtured and so are we, every day!

With boundless enthusiasm, we turned this dream into reality, overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries along the way. The collective belief in the power of community, human connections, and the importance of time well spent has laid the foundation for Mauji's success.

To all the individuals who played a part in making Mauji what it is today, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. The entire team's contributions have not only shaped a space but have also created a haven where people can come together, find inspiration, and forge lasting connections.

As we move forward, we want to honor the legacy of those who dared to create, and we carry this spirit of innovation and passion within us. Together, we will continue to evolve, creating experiences that uplift, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on all who enter the world of Mauji.



Vandita Purohit

Founder | Design | Strategy

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Kushal Jain

Community Lead | Operations | Admin

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Jay Andharkar

Head Chef

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Shivani Vyawahare

Architect | Design

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our extended team


Suraj Singh Jhala

PR & Media

Karma PR & Conte

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Neha Aswani

Social Media & Content

A Sane Media

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Madan Bhintade

Technology Partner


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Chaitali Bora

Accounts & Finance

DC & Co

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Archana Kedia

Technology Partner


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Samruddha Patil

Social Media & Content

A Sane Media

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MENtors, advisors and supporters

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Achal Shah

Marketing Strategy & Consultant

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That's you

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"The collective belief in the power of community, human connections, and the importance of time well spent has laid the foundation for Mauji's success"

At Mauji Time Cafe, we strive to create a space where time is slow and conversations are meaningful. Our cozy cafe is a place to connect with others over coffee, tea, and conversation. 

We are passionate about creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and comfort where people can come to relax, laugh, and enjoy the company of friends and family. We offer a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and desserts, as well as great music and cozy seating. Come by and let us show you why Mauji Time Cafe is the best place to slow down and savor life.

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