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Laika Sounds Of The Satellites Zip VERIFIED

Founded in 1991, Labradford were key players in the post-rock movement even if they remain somewhat unsung heroes of the genre. Their widescreen vision, sweeping the sounds of Ennio Morricone and Arvo Pärt into a post-rock template that was still in its formative stages, characterized a whole section of the scene, influencing a swathe of young artists, rock and otherwise.

Laika Sounds Of The Satellites Zip


NARRATOR: The Von Braun team is charged with building asecond-generation V-2, called the Redstone, designed to carry a nuclear bomb200 miles. But even as he works on a weapon for the Army, Von Braun'sdreams of satellites and exploring space are never far from mind.

NARRATOR: Wernher Von Braun is not the only one with avision for space. Unknown to Von Braun, in deepest secrecy, president DwightEisenhower and his national security advisers are also studying satellites, notfor exploration, but for spying on the Soviet Union.

JOHNLOGSDON: Eisenhower's firstpriority was to create a precedent that you could fly satellites over anothercountry's territory. And so we'd adopted a policy of not having alaunch vehicle that was also a weapons carrier.

ERNSTSTUHLINGER: Von Braun had the strict orderfrom Washington not to build a satellite. We were allowed to think aboutsatellites and to make some paper drawings and paper studies, but not more thanthat. So what we had to do, and what I had to do, was to work at home in mygarage, in my garage, and put something together and...because we were notallowed to do it officially.

OnJuly 5, C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles warns the administration that the Sovietsare probably capable of launching a satellite soon. The C.I.A. is gettinginformation from U-2 spy planes photographing Russia, a stopgap measure untilreconnaissance satellites are ready.

WithExplorer, the U.S. has entered what comes to be known as "the spacerace," a competition Dwight Eisenhower didn't believe in. He wantedspy satellites for national security, but was skeptical whether moving toward amanned space program would be worth the cost.

InMarch, 1958, Project Vanguard tries again. Vanguard becomes the second Americansatellite. Its data proved that the Earth is not perfectly round but slightlypear-shaped. Today, Vanguard remains in space, the oldest artificial satellitestill in orbit.

PAULDICKSON: What he handsoff to the presidents who come after him is an amazing amount of information. Weknow when we go to arms limitations talks, S.A.L.T. talks, all the sort oftalks we would go to with the Russians, face to face...we knew exactlywhere everything was because of these satellites. And they become our trumpcard.

The True Story of Laika the this article, learn about the first living animal to enter space with the launch of Sputnik 2.


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