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Ezra Torres
Ezra Torres

MKS Unreleased Part 1 Zip

Ok, so when placing it in a separate install, the "missing parts" are in the Manufacturing tab, but not in the main USI section. Does that make sense? I'm just wondering if that's true for my main install since I never looked in that particular tab. I'll check and let you know.

MKS Unreleased Part 1 zip

No specific EL parts, if someone wants to do a third party integration that's fine - tbh I will probably be moving to the model where I encourage people to maintain these kinds of patches separately since it's tough maintaining something for a mod I do not use.

"Fertilizer (M/G)" comes on material processors, the Ranger Crusher, and the Tundra Agricultural Support Module. The choice of ways to do things for a long mission is between bringing a huge amount of Fertilizer and bringing a way to dig up Gypsum or Minerals and one of these additional parts to make it into Fertilizer. For a long enough mission, the second option is the lighter one.

From my understanding, the 'boost' function is intended to allow lower tech/smaller modules to participate in more advanced processes. The total boost is supposed to be equivalent to having the same tonnage of advanced components working as you have less advanced components boosting(ie output of 10 tons of refinery+10 tons of crusher boosting components = output of 20 tons of refinery). Total output and total consumption of machinery should be identical for the same total mass of components regardless of the proportion that are boosting vs processing. 041b061a72


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