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What are the IP Ranges for microsoft windows update? I know microsoft list the url to be allowed in the firewall for windows update for the wsus but the current firewall does not support url filtering. So IP Addresses are needed.

windowsupdate microsoft


the expiry date in the file you quote, namely 17/11/14, is clearly the cause of microsoft update malfunction. if you set your local computer system date to a date previous to that, then microsoft update functions ok. you can set your system date back to the current one when you have finished. a very simple fix.

whether microsoft have deliberately set this expiry date, because they do not want people to use the manual microsoft update website, or whether they have simply forgotten to renew it, we do not know. it would help if they would tell us.

Have already run through most, if not all troubleshooting steps referenced here: -systems/microsoft-update-fails-with-error-0x80248015-server-2003-and-xp-customers-get-a-cold-shoulder.html & here: -windowsmicrosoft-update-not-working-on-windows-2000xp2003/ to no avail...

Additional question suggestion for the FAQ:Q: Will it break Exchange?A: Probably. Consult the Exchange .Net supportability matrix at -us/exchange/plan-and-deploy/supportability-matrix?view=exchserver-2019#microsoft-net-framework and heed the warnings at -update-bound-to-break-your.html

But Microsoft removed the target by killing the domain name, the company said. Microsoft used the address to redirect Internet users to the software update site for Windows at

I am having trouble with my firewall blocking MS Updates downloads to my WSUS server. My firewall scans all HTTP and HTTPS traffic and refuses the downloading of certain content types. I need to enter exceptions for site that I want to be able to download these from. Everything was working fine for a while, but downloading began to fail again. I allowed downloading from (*) , meaning everyone, and the MS Updates started to stream down again. Therefore, it must be that either I didn't have all the URLs or they have changed or been added to. The ones I have there any others (new ones perhaps)? Is there a way to check for an updated list, like on an official MS website?TIA,Jarryd

As you can see below, you will see the message converting c:windowslogswindowsupdate into c:usersDesktopwindowsupdate.log. As you can see with the arrow, the traditional WindowsUpdate.log file gets created as a result of the cmdlet.

Hopefully, this helps!What are the Windows Update URL List for whitelisting?Make sure that the following URLs related to Microsoft Update are not blocked: http://***** http://* How to fix Computer freezes while scanning for Windows Updates?If your Windows device freezes while at scanning for updates, then try the following two suggestions:Close the Settings app and reopen it.Open Services.msc and check if the following services are running:Update State OrchestratorWindows UpdateHow to fix Windows Update fails to install or will not download?If Windows Update fails to install, is not working, updates will not download or keep failing, on your Windows 11/10/8/7 then these suggestions will help you troubleshoot & fix Windows Updates.Run Windows Update TroubleshooterManually Reset Windows Update Components to defaultUse FixWUCheck Windows Update Services statusCheck Windows Update log fileClear pending.xml fileClear the BITS queueDelete incorrect Registry valuesRun Windows Module InstallerRun Background Intelligent Transfer Service TroubleshooterDownload its stand-alone installerUse authenticated Proxy Servers.This post on what to do if Turn Windows Features on or off blank may also interest some of you.

Microsoft suspects, but isn't sure, it knows why this happened. As was reported following the big Blaster weekend, one way Microsoft dodged the Blaster bullet was because of the way the worm's author hard coded the domain into the worm's source code. is a domain used by Windows Update. It automatically redirects users to To thwart Blaster's pending Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, Microsoft temporarily disabled that redirection. However, to make sure that Windows Update itself continued to function, it did not disable another important destination--that of is critical to the successful operation of Windows Update, but access to it didn't need to be terminated since the worm's author didn't specifically target that destination.

Meulemans suspects that when many ISPs found out that was the worm's target, they programmed their systems using a wildcard (* that prevented access to all of (including instead of just itself. As a result, when I ran Windows Update and it tried to phone home, home was no where to be found and the installation process failed. To be fair to Microsoft, this sort of coordinated effort to thwart a DDoS that involved cooperation from ISPs is uncharted territory. Nevertheless, the failed installation could have provided me with more details on precisely what component failed to update and how to recover from that failure.

Yes, you would need one that is connected to the internet as well though. Here is a link to microsofts instructions on how to perform this action. -us/mem/configmgr/sum/get-started/synchronize-software-updates-disconnected

There might be reasons for 80072ee2 errors that are not related to your fault, your system, or your configuration. Something may be down on the Microsoft site. To make sure Windows Update services are up and running, go to service and make sure it says is UP. If it says that the server is down, simply sit back and wait for Microsoft to fix their mess. 041b061a72


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