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Learn Python: 5 Great Python Courses For Beginn...

Numerous tutorials, such as online Python courses, coding bootcamps, and books, are available to learn the language. What's more, Python has a large and vibrant community dedicated to its development.

Learn Python: 5 great Python courses for beginn...

Recently, I had been exploring various platforms for online courses on Python so that I can increase my knowledge. Udemy is arguably one of the most popular ones. However, I got to know of a relatively unknown platform named 100offdeal online where I found a list of paid python courses for free.

Following are five courses for learning Python, ranging from simple introductions to the language to more advanced topics. They also cover a number of common Python use cases, from machine learning to web back ends. Three of the courses are free; the others cost $39 and $49.99.

There are so many ways to learn Python online that it can be difficult to choose your best learning path. In this article, we will lead you through some of the best examples of free online Python courses.

In this specialization, you focus on one project. If you successfully finish it, you will gain a certification. This specialization consists of 5 courses, but it is possible to complete only one. You can choose your learning path and easily track your progress.

This is a great free place with many different materials for those who want to learn Python. However, a bit of previous experience is required. If you would like to try this Google Class, I recommend starting with some basic courses like our Learn Programming with Python complete track. After you gain basic knowledge, you can enhance it here.

What you build is not as important as how you build it. The journey of building is truly what will teach you the most. You can only learn so much from reading Real Python articles and courses. Most of your learning will come from using Python to build something. The problems you will solve will teach you a lot.

Some of the best ways to learn Python include taking the best Python courses, building the best Python projects, or reading the best Python books. But with so many books to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one.

This Python book is a great choice for beginners who are new to programming and want to learn Python. The book's mix of tutorials and code recipes makes it easy to understand, and the end-of-chapter exercises provide opportunities to practice what you've learned.

While there are many other resources like courses, online tutorials, and YouTube channels, learning from books can be a great source of learning as they allow you to absorb and practice the content at your own pace.

One of the best places on the internet to learn Python for free is Codecademy. This e-learning platform offers lots of courses in Python, both free and paid. Python 2 is a free course they provide, which is a helpful introduction to basic programming concepts and Python.

If you are looking for a text-based resource to learn Python, is a good option. It is an interactive tutorial, which is helpful for everyone whether you are experienced or not. You can also join their Facebook group for discussions, updates, and questions.

Similar to Coursera, eDx is also an e-learning platform that provides online courses from top global universities. Currently, they have 3000+ courses available and tie-up with 160+ universities, including Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and more.

Simplilearn is a leading online learning platform with extensive courses on data science, software development, IT, cloud computing, digital marketing, project management, and more emerging technologies.

SoloLearn offers a lot of free Python courses aimed at learners with different skill levels. And their learner base is increasing exponentially, with millions of learners on each of their courses offered.

Another online learning platform offering Python courses is Udacity. Their Learn Immediate Python course is a part of their nano degree program that comprises miniature courses in various programming languages.

Who should take this course? This course is recommended for professionals who already have some Python experience but want to learn more about the Numpy Stack so they can move on to more advanced machine learning and data science courses.

In the past, I have shared a lot of useful free Python resources like books and free courses. And today, I am going to share some of the websites, free tutorials, and portals where you can learn Python for free.

If you want to learn from the world's leading universities without paying a single cent than Coursera is the place to go. It offers online courses taught on reputed universities like Stanford, INSEAD, NUS (National University of Singapore) and many more.

I recommend joining [Coursera Plus], a subscription plan from Coursera which gives unlimited access to many courses, certifications and projects. If you want to join multiple courses or certification in Coursera this is probably the best way to learn, not just python but also data science and cloud.

It's another popular online course platform, which probably has the biggest collection of online courses on earth. I like Udemy because you can virtually find a course on anything you want to learn and that too for free.

The strong point of Udemy is that you get to learn from experts, but it's not as interactive as CodeCademy. Though, if you like to learn from videos, there is no better place than Udemy. And if you can afford some money, you can also get awesome, bootcamp style courses like The Complete Python 3 Bootcamp at a throwaway price like $10 on their flash sales.

You can run Python code right from your browser. Another good thing is that you don't need to write a complete program until you are ready. You need to make small changes and execute them. This is a great and fun way to learn Python programming.

For example, if you like interactive learning, choose CodeCademy, if you like non-formal video courses then choose Udemy and if you like structured education like in universities and school then choose Coursera.

Thanks for sharing! It's great that I can learn Python for free. I just need to find some free time to study. Frankly, I have long been interested in the programming language, but I was busy with other things. And so, when my friends took the courses and started working as IT specialists, I was somewhere else and now I really regret it. Because I have a lot of financial problems that I can't solve because of my small salary without the possibility of development in the company. I also want to say that I am interested in network administration and I have already found a service that provides assistance to students with exams (you can find it here And I want to know what you think about it?

I have started to create a series on python3 for beginners. This series will not help you only learn python but will also make your core python skills better and will set a great foundation for learning, web development as well as data science.Subscribe to this youtube channel for getting notified about the series:

Python has seen several upgrades over the past decade, and the company kept publishing and improving both Python 2 and Python 3 simultaneously. However, they chose to sunset Python 2 on Jan 1, 2020. This means that although older versions of the program may still work, those who want to learn the Python programming language should take courses in the latest version to keep up with current technology trends.

As with all edX courses, you can go through all of the classes at no charge, and for this particular course, an optional verification certificate will be included for a fee of $75. However, what ranks this as one of the best free online courses for learning Python is that with that verification you are also eligible for academic credit through Charter Oaks. While there is a fee involved ($100 per credit) it is substantially less than what students would pay to attend MIT in person and get this type of quality education.

We included it on the list because of the simple and straightforward user experience, making it one of the top free online Python courses for beginners. On the left screen, you will find an outline of each module, followed by a list of video lectures, and ending with some practice exercises. The lessons themselves are written as text tutorials, and this makes the course ideal for those who learn by reading

EdX is a free learning platform with thousands of free courses available. While a certificate of completion requires students to pay for an upgrade, you can audit the course for free and have access to all the same material.

While not courses, the books can be accessed digitally and are thorough and engaging enough to teach you everything you need to know about the listed subjects. The site also offers a blog, YouTube videos, and a Reddit forum to help you on your learning journey.

For those who want to learn Python, this is great news. The big players like MIT and Google offer free online Python courses, but there are several smaller enterprises out there just itching to share their skills with those who are interested. If you are exploring the best online Python courses and feeling overwhelmed, our list of frequently asked questions might help you narrow down your choices.

If you have the time and dedication to commit yourself to learn Python, the courses are definitely worth looking into. There is simply no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a paid program when you can learn Python 100 percent free online. The skill is something you will use for the rest of your digital career, and in many cases, you will receive recognition that can be shared on your LinkedIn profile or marketing materials.

Now you know the best Python courses for mastering this interesting, real-world language. The easy-to-understand syntax makes it a great next step after you're familiar with Scratch and Minecraft coding. Learn to code Python starting today with our live online class led by an expert, and designed by professionals from Google, Stanford,, and MIT! 041b061a72


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