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Trofim Rams
Trofim Rams

R9 390x Vs Gtx 970 At 1080p Video __FULL__

As for frametimes, 0.1% metrics run poor on both the SLI and CrossFire configurations when compared against neighboring single-card alternatives. The 2x R9 390s run a bit worse. 51.3FPS 0.1% low against an average throughput of 130FPS (1080p) will be detected as the occasional 'dip,' 'stutter,' or 'lag' (or other colloquialism) on rare occasion.

r9 390x vs gtx 970 at 1080p video

At 1080p, the SLI 970s are advantaged by a noticeable 17.86% (122FPS vs. 102FPS AVG). More noticeable is the 0.1% low metric at 77.3FPS vs. 34.7FPS for the 2x R9 390s. 1440p saw a 6.1% AVG FPS delta that favored the 970s, but severely low 0.1% output (8FPS) on the 2x 390s prohibited smooth play.


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