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Learn Bağlama with Arif Sağ and Erdal Erzincan: A Comprehensive and Innovative Method

1. The word arif means singer or soloist. A tar (plural: tars) is a chorus or accompanist. A tarim (plural: tarıms) is a soloist, tar, tarüs (plural: tarös), or keyboard player.


According to the standards of the International Society for the Study of baglama, the balama is a member of the baglama family of long-necked lutes, being originally an instrument of the Turkish national music. In this respect, baglamas are divided into different categories. They can be further divided into different groups, based on the playing technique, number of strings, and tuning technique. The balama, like all baglama types, has five strings. It has the same tuning technique as the asur.

The bal-gama system of tuning (see FIGURE 8) was an important factor in the development of the playing technique and the building of the baglama, as well as for the development of the sound of the baglama and the tiple in the middle and late Ottoman period. Not only kemen and the early Ottoman fretlug, which played with a friction sound, but also the the Anatolian and Turkmen fretlugs, külaç, and vurdaç, which also used friction, played with two or more strings on the same fret, used in lower pitches, all played an octave below the fundamental tuning of the string. They are founded upon the octave principles and do not have the same tuning system as the baglama,.


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